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Renaissance revolution has created a convenient and eco-conscious economic solution for event management, connecting businesses and venue owners with artisans and clients. We will help businesses to optimize the use of their available space with an easy application allowing artisans to lease appropriate spaces that will showcase their talents and instruct classes while connecting clients to book an experience.

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As a user of Renaissance Revolution looking for new, up-and-coming, and in the now events we have made an easy-to-use application to browse through different categories and locations for things to do. Once you have found the event then it’s easy to book and make payment to that artisan. Once the event has been held then you have the opportunity to leave an honest review of the artisan and the event that you attended, therefore holding the artisan accountable for the quality of their event and any future events they hold. 


-no membership fees
-feel good about supporting local businesses and artisans
-freedom to experiment trying new activities or attending events without long-term commitments
-have the flexibility to attend events in person or online
-support your mental, physical, and social well-being by doing something you love


Renaissance revolution has made it extremely convenient for artisans to showcase their talent while earning an income at flexible times in suitable spaces through our original booking forum. You can browse through the venue listings and choose a space and time that works for you. Once you’ve booked a venue then you can create your event listing, then once created your listing will be open to the public to book a ticket to your event. You will also have the opportunity to create a review on the venue which helps in quality control and accountability for that space in future listings. 


-create events that are online or in person
-an eco-conscious way of supporting local businesses by using already existing spaces
-no large overhead costs of owning your own building
-free advertising to find your clientele
-work during hours that are convenient for you
-Showcase a new endeavor and see if there is a niche market for the area 
-Easily share an event through other social media forms like FB
-choose a cancellation policy that suits your preference. 
-no hassle transactions 


During these times of economic hardships and going into a global recession we are all concerned about having to make ends meet. Renaissance revolution's concept of providing a forum that connects artisans and their clients to a space that can be utilized other than what it may typically be used for.  Creating a short-term lease of your space that would typically be non-operational will increase your earning potential, meanwhile helping artisans to also generate an income for themselves. 


-free advertising while listing your venue
-Flexible earning potential, only lease when it’s convenient for you 
-choose a cancellation policy that suits your preference
-option to deny artisans with poor reviews 
-no hassle transactions 
-simple and easy-to-navigate app and website
-eco-conscious way to utilize already existing spaces

Listing a Venue

You are the owner of a yoga studio that is typically closed on Sundays. You can list your space to be leased on any Sunday thats convenient for you, without having to go through the hassle of hiring another employee. Your venue will be posted for registered artisans to book, once it is booked then the artisan can go ahead and create their event as long as it adheres to Renaissance Revolutions policies and guidelines. In this example the artisan chooses to hold a choir lesson where clients will book their tickets through the artisan. It’s like the air bnb for business/ venue owners and all the while artisans will be connecting to the general public for their event to be booked with them. 

Leasing a Venue

Let’s say you are a yoga instructor but also a stay-at-home mom that can only work the occasional evening and would also like a little extra cash flow. Renaissance revolution has created the flexibility and convenience to do so. You can browse through listings that will suit your budget and needs. Once your venue is booked then you can create your event listing. Once your event has been created then it is open to the public to book a ticket to your event, which will also be shareable on other social media platforms in order to create the momentum to market your events. 


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