Music Events: Music is a great way to bring people together and create a fun atmosphere. Consider hosting music events such as concerts, open mic nights, jam sessions, or themed dance parties. These types of events are great ways to get people out of their homes and socializing in person while enjoying some of their favorite tunes. 

Cooking Classes and Beverage Tastings: Food is always a popular choice when it comes to hosting an event. Consider offering cooking classes or beverage tastings for individuals who may be interested in learning something new in the kitchen or trying their hand at mixology. This type of event allows guests the opportunity to learn something new while also having a great time with friends or family. 

Dance Classes and Performing Arts: For those looking for something more active, consider hosting dance classes or performing arts events such as plays, musicals, improv shows, stand-up comedy performances, etc. These types of events can help engage guests in creative activities while also providing them with a unique experience they won't soon forget!  

Charity Fundraisers: If you’re looking to host an event with a greater purpose, consider hosting charity fundraisers where attendees can donate money towards causes they believe in while also having fun! You can offer games, raffles, auctions and even live entertainment in order to raise funds for your chosen charities. 

Hosting an event can be incredibly rewarding—not only will it give your guests an enjoyable experience but it will also provide them with memories that will last a lifetime. With these different types of events in mind, you’ll be able to plan the perfect gathering that meets the needs of your attendees! From music events to charity fundraisers and everything in between—there is no limit on the types of events you can host! So go ahead and get creative—the possibilities are endless!