As a venue provider, there are many ways to increase profits and gain greater exposure for your business. One way is to offer flexible rental options for your space. By doing this, you can take advantage of free advertising opportunities, earn income when your business or space is normally closed or non-operational, and have the flexibility to choose times that work best for you.  Let’s explore how offering flexible rental options can help you capitalize on earning potential during typical non-operational hours. 

The Benefits of Free Advertising 

As a venue provider, one of the ways in which you can benefit from offering flexible rental options is through free advertising. By allowing artisans or other businesses to rent out your space, you will be gaining a larger audience reach as well as visibility since these renters will spread awareness about their activities and/or events held at your venue. This gives them more exposure while also providing additional promotion for your own business in return.  In addition, it may create an opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry who may be interested in renting out your space in the future.  

Earn Income During Non-Operational Hours 

Another benefit of offering flexible rental options is being able to generate income during periods when business is usually slower or non-operational. This could include evenings, weekends, or holiday seasons where there are fewer activities taking place because businesses are typically closed or only operating at a low level due to decreased demand. By renting out your space during these periods of time, you could capitalize on extra earnings that would otherwise go untapped due to lack of activity at your venue.  Furthermore, this allows you to make use of otherwise idle resources such as staff or equipment that would not be used if there was no activity taking place at the location.  

Choose Times That Are Convenient For You 

Offering flexible rental options also allows you the flexibility to choose times that are convenient for you and accept or decline certain types of activities and artisans that rent out your space based on their needs and preferences. This allows you to better manage resources by ensuring that each renter has access to what they need before they arrive so that everything runs smoothly during their stay at the venue without any hiccups along the way. In addition, it helps create better customer service experiences for those renting out your space since they will have everything they need already available when they arrive instead of having to scramble last minute trying to find something they don’t have access too quickly enough before their event begins.   

Example) The owner of a fitness gym is closed in the morning due to a lack of staff or limited to the variety of classes. If the space is advertised as being rentable during the morning (6-11 am) then an artisan (ex. yoga instructor) can choose a convenient time for them to book the space to instruct a yoga class. This will benefit the gym by providing a little extra cash without the hassle of actually hiring a yoga instructor. The instructor benefits by choosing a time that works for them without having to go through the process of being hired. The client will benefit from having a much-needed “in-person “ class again. The rating system is to help keep people honest and have a level of professionalism in order to book a business space and have clients book with integral artisans.


Offering flexible rental options can provide many benefits for venue providers such as free advertising opportunities, increased income during non-operational hours, and having the ability to choose times that work best for them while still controlling who rents their space and what type of activities take place there. If implemented correctly and efficiently managed, these strategies can help improve overall profit margins while creating better customer experiences at the same time!